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Customer care phone number: Turkey0888 228 12 12 *
Cyprus 0090 850 250 6777
Germany 0 69120063505

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Twitter Customer support: @Pegasus Airlinessupport

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About Pegasus Airlines:

Pegasus Airlines (Turkish: Pegasus Hava Ta??mac?l??? A.?.) is a Turkish low-cost airline headquartered in the Kurtky area of Pendik, Istanbul with bases at several Turkish airports.
On 1 December 1989 two businesses, Net and Silkar, partnered with Aer Lingus to create an inclusive tour charter airline called Pegasus Airlines and services were inaugurated on 15 April 1990 with two Boeing 737 – 400s. In Greek mythology, Pegasus (Greek: ???????, Pegasos, ‘strong’) was a winged horse sired by Poseidon, in his role as horse-god, and foaled by the Gorgon Medusa. However, four months after the launch, Iraq invaded Kuwait and the seven month occupation that followed had a serious effect on Turkish tourism By 1992, tourists began returning to the country and Pegasus grew with the acquisition of a third 737-400. The airline leased a further two Airbus A320s to meet the summer demand.

Commenced operations:

Slogan: We Didn’t Start Aviation In Turkey, But We Transformed It.


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