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Cathay Pacific Offices:

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China,  Fuzhou


China,   Fuzhou Airport


China,   Guangzhou


China,   Guangzhou Airport


China,   Guilin


China,   Guilin Airport


China,   Haikou


China,   Haikou Airport


China,   Hangzhou


China,   Hangzhou Airport


China,   Kunming


China,   Kunming Airport


China,   Nanjing


China,   Nanjing Airport


China,   Ningbo


China,   Ningbo Airport


China,   Qingdao


China,   Qingdao Airport China,   Sanya


China,   Sanya Airport


China,   Shanghai


China,   Shanghai Airport


China,   Shenyang


China,   Shenzhen


China,   Wenzhou


China,   Wenzhou Airport


China,   Wuhan


China,   Wuhan Airport


China,   Xi’an


China,   Xi’an Airport


China,   Xiamen


China,   Xiamen Airport


China,    Zhengzhou


China,   Zhengzhou Airport Colombia,  Bogota


Croatia, Zagreb


Cyprus, Larnaca


Czech Republic,           Prague


Denmark,         Copenhagen


El Salvador,         San Salvador


Fiji,  Nadi


France, Paris Airport


France, Paris


Greece,   Athens


Guatemala,   Guatemala


India,     Bengaluru


India,     Bengaluru Airport


India,     Chennai


India,     Chennai Airport


India,     Delhi


India,     Delhi Airport


India,     Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad


India,     Hyderabad


India,     Kolkata Airport


India,     Kolkata


India,     Mumbai


India,     Mumbai Airport Indonesia,  Denpasar


Indonesia,  Denpasar Airport


Indonesia,  Jakarta


Indonesia,   Jakarta Airport


Indonesia,  Medan


Indonesia,  Surabaya


Indonesia,  Surabaya Airport


Israel,    Tel Aviv


Italy,      Milan


Italy,  Milan Airport


Italy,  Rome


Italy,  Rome Airport Japan,   Fukuoka


Japan,   Fukuoka Airport


Japan,   Hiroshima


Japan,   Hiroshima Airport Japan,   Nagoya



Japan,   Nagoya Airport


Japan,   Okinawa


Japan,   Okinawa Airport


Japan,   Osaka


Japan,   Osaka Airport


Japan,   Sapporo


Japan,   Sapporo Airport


Japan,   Haneda, Tokyo


Japan,   Tokyo Airport


Jordan, Amman


Kenya,  Nairobi


Korea,   Busan


Korea,   Busan Airport


Korea,   Jeju


Korea,   Jeju Airport


Korea,   Seoul


Korea,   Seoul Airport Kuwait, Kuwait


Lebanon,  Beirut


Madagascar,  Antananarivo


Malaysia,  Kota Kinabalu


Malaysia,  Kota Kinabalu Airport


Malaysia,  Kuala Lumpur


Malaysia,  Kuala Lumpur Airport


Malaysia,  Penang


Malaysia,  Penang Airport


Maldives,   Male


Maldives,   Male Airport


Mauritius,  Mauritius


Mexico,    Mexico
Montenegro,  Titograd


Myanmar,  Yangon


Myanmar,  Yangon Airport


Netherlands,  Amsterdam


Netherlands,  Amsterdam Airport


New Caledonia,                Noumea


New Zealand,  Auckland


Oman,  Muscat


Pakistan,   Islamabad


Pakistan,   Karachi


Pakistan,   Lahore


Panama,   Panama


Paraguay,  Asuncion


Peru,  Lima Philippines,  Cebu


Philippines,  Cebu Airport



Philippines,  Clark/Angeles City – Mega Manila



Philippines,  Clark/Angeles City – Mega Manila Airport


Philippines,  Davao


Philippines,  Manila


Philippines,  Manila Airport


Philippines,  Negros and Panay Island


Poland, Warsaw


Portugal,  Lisbon


Puerto Rico,  San Juan


Qatar,   Doha


Mauritius,  Reunion


Romania,  Bucharest


Russia,  Moscow Saudi Arabia,  Dammam


Saudi Arabia,  Jeddah


Saudi Arabia,  Riyadh


Saudi Arabia,  Riyadh Airport


Serbia,  Belgrade


Singapore,  Singapore


Singapore,  Singapore Airport


Slovakia,  Bratislava


Slovenia,  Ljubljana South Africa,  Johannesburg


South Africa,  Johannesburg Airport


Spain,  Madrid


Sri Lanka,  Colombo


Sri Lanka,  Colombo Airport


Switzerland,  Zurich


Switzerland,  Zurich


Switzerland,  Zurich Airport


Syria,     Damascus


Taiwan,                Kaohsiung


Taiwan, Kaohsiung


Taiwan,                Kaohsiung Airport


Taiwan, Taichung Airport


Taiwan,   Taichung


Taiwan, Taipei


Taiwan,  Taipei Airport Thailand,  Bangkok


Thailand,  Bangkok


Thailand,  Bangkok Airport


Thailand,  Chiang Mai


Thailand,  Chiang Mai Airport


Thailand,  Phuket


Thailand,  Phuket Airport


Turkey, Istanbul


Ukraine,  Kiev


UAE,  Abu Dhabi


UAE,  Ajman


UAE,  Al Ain


UAE,  Dubai


UAE,  Dubai Airport


UAE,  Ras Al Khaimah UK,  London


UK,  London Airport


UK,  Manchester


Uruguay,  Montevideo


Vanuatu Port,   Vila


Venezuela,  Caracas


Vietnam,  Da Nang


Vietnam,  Da Nang Airport


Vietnam,  Hanoi


Vietnam,  Hanoi Airport


Vietnam,  Ho Chi Minh


Vietnam,  Ho Chi Minh Airport


About Cathay Pacific:

Cathay Pacific (Chinese s the flag carrier of Hong Kong, with its head office and main hub located at Hong Kong International Airport. The airline’s operations and subsidiaries have scheduled passenger and cargo services to 180 destinations in 44 countries worldwide including codeshares, and joint ventures. Served with a fleet of wide-body aircraft, consisting of Airbus A330, Airbus A350, and Boeing 777 equipment. Its wholly owned subsidiary, Cathay Dragon, operates to 44 destinations in the Asia-Pacific region from its Hong Kong base. In 2010, Cathay Pacific, together with Dragonair (rebranded Cathay Dragon), carried nearly 27 million passengers and over 1.8 million tons of cargo and mail

Commenced operations: 24th September 1946

Slogan: Life Well Travelled


Cathay Pacific Crew:

Cathay Pacific Plane & Livery:

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