ANA (All Nippon Airways) baggage allowance

6 thoughts on “ANA (All Nippon Airways) baggage allowance

  1. Business class ticket
    I have 30cm x 30cm portrait packed in bubble wrap and cardboard box
    I can carry on plane?

  2. I hv intetnational flight as well as domestic flight, both with Ana, but under different booking no (separate ticket). Which baggage allowance i hv to follow ? If I need to follow as per domestic flight which only allows 1 pc 20 kg (economy class), it is beconing very difficult since intl flight allows 2 x 23 kg. Pls advise

    1. Hi Christine So,

      Please call ANA directly at 1-800-235-9262 and inquire

      Thanks, support team.

  3. Trying to find out baggage allowance for a Japanese boy staying in Australia for a month… please advise… I can send you a copy of his ticket… In Japanese..

  4. I understand I am entitled to 2 pieces of luggage for check in to flight from SIN to New York JFK. Can I check in a box instead of suitcase? What is the weight n dimension of box allowed? Thank you

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